Encoding the Palaeohispanic scripts

This section contains working documents for the encoding of Palaehispanic scripts into Unicode, as well as the latest version of our proposals.

Proposal to encode the northern Palaeohispanic scripts

Proposal to encode the southern Palaeohispanic scripts


Rock inscription abecedaries from L’Esquirol and Ger, and Espanca abecedary with encoding examples according to our proposal (drawing by J. Ferrer i Jané). 

Proposal for the encoding of Palaeohispanic scripts in Unicode (northern scripts on the left, and southern scripts on the right)

Palaeohispanic fonts (trial version):
Click here to download the Palaeohispanic fonts created by Marc Albertí Collado, thanks to the project “Estudio paleográfico, lingüístico y funcional del corpus epigráfico ibérico” (PID2019-106606GB-C33), funded by MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033/


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